Manicured Nails Neon Sign

Emitting Color
Warm White
Ice Blue

Light up your space with the dazzling glow of our Manicured Nails Neon Sign! Perfect for salons, home beauty stations, or the ultimate girl's room decor, this sign is designed to catch the eye and inspire glamour.

This vibrant neon sign features the elegant outline of a hand with beautifully manicured nails, crafted using advanced 3D carving techniques for a stunning, multi-dimensional appearance. Its bright, LED lighting ensures a vivid display that's both energy-efficient and captivating.

Imagine this chic, glowing piece enhancing your salon’s ambiance or adding a touch of style to your personal space. Not only will it attract clients and compliments alike, but it also creates a professional and trendy atmosphere that elevates the entire aesthetic of your environment.

Make a statement with the Manicured Nails Neon Sign. Whether you're looking to revamp your decor or give a gift that stands out, this sign is a perfect choice. Order now to bring beauty and brightness to your favorite space, and watch how it transforms your setting into something truly spectacular!

 Material: Flexible LED Neon + Acrylic


Cm Inch
30x30 11.81x11.81
35x35 13.71x13.71
40x40 15.74x15.74