Decorative Cloud, Star, & Moon Shape Pillow


Brighten up any room with our Decorative Cloud, Star, & Moon Shape Pillow, a charming and whimsical addition to your home decor. These delightful pillows are perfect for adding a touch of playfulness and comfort to a child's room, a cozy nook, or any space that needs a little whimsy.

The set includes pillows shaped like a cloud, star, and moon, each designed to spark imagination and add a playful element to your decor.

Made with soft, plush materials, these pillows are not only decorative but also offer comfort, making them perfect for cuddling or as cozy accents on a bed or sofa. Whether used in a child's bedroom, as a cozy addition to a reading corner, or as a fun accent in a living space, these pillows are versatile and suit various settings.

The unique shapes and designs make these pillows stand out, providing a lovely and whimsical accent to your home.

While they are a hit in children's rooms, these playful pillows appeal to anyone with a love for charming and whimsical decor.

Transform any room into a magical space with our Decorative Cloud, Star, & Moon Shape Pillow. Order now and add a touch of enchantment and comfort to your home!


Material: Polyester / Cotton

Material of Fabric: Cotton Linen