Aura Angel Numbers Wall Art

Suggested Size
Daily Affirmation
Pink Butterfly
Set of 3

Bring a serene and uplifting vibe to your living space with the Aura Angel Numbers Wall Art. This canvas painting combines the mystical allure of angel numbers with the calming shades of a retro pink aura, alongside affirmations that inspire trust and positivity. It's a spiritual and visually striking piece that adds depth and tranquility to any room's decor.


Material: CANVAS

Suggested Size
cm inches
13x18 5.11x3.14
15x20 5.90x7.87
21x30 8.26x11.81
20x25 7.87x9.84
30x40 11.81x15.74
30x42 11.81x16.53
40x50 15.74x19.68
40x60 15.74x23.62
42x60 16.35x23.62
50x70 19.68x27.55
50x75 19.68x29.52
60x80 29.52x31.49
60x90 29.52x35.42
60x100 29.52x39.37


*Please allow 1-3cm differences due to manual measurement.