Chic Flower Round Metal Wall Art

A2 with C

Enhance your wall with our Chic Flower Round Metal Wall Art. This exquisite piece combines shabby chic charm with excellent craftsmanship, creating a stunning addition to any decor. With its circular mirror embellishment and creative round shape, it adds a unique and eye-catching dimension to your space.

Crafted with eco-friendly and non-toxic materials, this wall art is both stylish and safe. The combination of glass and iron creates a beautiful and durable piece that will stand the test of time. Each detail is meticulously hand-crafted, showcasing the artisan's dedication to quality.

Hang this floral masterpiece in your living room, bedroom, or office, and watch as it transforms the atmosphere with its fun and energetic vibes. The intricate design and vibrant colors bring liveliness to your house, making it a focal point of admiration.

Ideal for those who appreciate art and want to add a touch of elegance to their walls, our Chic Flower Round Metal Wall Art is a must-have. Elevate your interior decor with this charming piece and let it spark joy and creativity in your space.

Brighten up your walls with our Chic Flower Round Metal Wall Art and immerse yourself in its captivating beauty. Let it be a reflection of your unique style and artistic taste.

Material: Glass, Iron
Color: Multicolor
Size Chart:
A1 : 35.5x9x26cm
A2 : 44x5x37.5cm
B1 : 22x8x37.5cm
B2 : 45x1x45cm
C : 22x2x60cm
A2+C :  44x5x37.5cm      22x2x60cm
Package Includes:
As You Choose
1 Piece Metal Statue
2 Piece Metal Statues