Cuckoo Clock with Pendulum


Introducing our modernized Cuckoo Clock with Pendulum, a delightful blend of tradition and contemporary design. This charming timepiece pays homage to the classic cuckoo clocks while adding a touch of nostalgia and elegance to your living spaces.

Here's why our Cuckoo Clock with Pendulum stands out:

  1. Time-Honored Tradition: This clock preserves the beloved tradition of the cuckoo clock, complete with the iconic tweeting bird that announces the hours. It's a charming reminder of days gone by and a link to the past.

  2. Modern Aesthetic: Designed to complement modern interiors, this clock is a stylish addition to various rooms in your home, whether it's the kitchen, a child's room, or a dining area. Its sleek design effortlessly enhances your decor.

  3. Nostalgic Appeal: Beyond its functionality, this cuckoo clock evokes feelings of nostalgia and happiness. Its traditional movement brings back fond memories, creating a sense of warmth and comfort in your living space.

  4. Decorative Accent: This clock not only tells time but also serves as a decorative piece. It adds character to your walls and becomes a conversation starter for guests who appreciate its unique blend of tradition and modernity.

Embrace the charm of the past with a touch of modern elegance. Our Cuckoo Clock with Pendulum is the perfect addition to your home, offering both visual appeal and the soothing sound of the cuckoo's call. Let it grace your walls and fill your space with nostalgia and joy. Order now and create new memories with this timeless timepiece.

Feature: Antique Style
Body Material: plastic
Type: Wall Clock
Height:18.7inch (47.5cm)
Width: 10.43inch (26.5cm)
Thickness: 2.2inch (5.6cm)
1. Remove the pendulum from the pendulum bayonet
2. Turn the volume adjustment button to MAX or MIN. When the volume adjustment button is in the OFF position, you can't hear the bird's voice.
3. When adjusting the time, be sure to adjust the time above the panel, and adjust it to 5:50 in the same time direction. Please do not adjust it counterclockwise, it will cause the time of the time to be inaccurate.
4. The movement uses one carbon battery No. 5, the slow pendulum device uses one electric carbon AA battery and the second battery with two C batteries.
5. Turn the timing knob to adjust the time to 6:00
6 After hearing the sound of the call, the bird began to call and called 6 times. This time is 6:00 in the morning.
7. Then adjust the timing button to adjust to the current time. It will not matter when the time is adjusted to the punctuality.
8. Attach the pendulum to the slow pendulum rod.