Floral Ceramic Dinner Plates

Handle Bowl-S
Handle Bowl-L
Oval Plate-S
Oval Plate-L
Drip Tray-S
Drip Tray-L

Are you looking to add a burst of color and elegance to your dining experience?

Introducing our Floral Ceramic Dinner Plates, designed to transform your table into a vibrant sea of flowers. These plates boast fresh and bold colors, complemented by a unique wooden handle and a non-glazed bottom edge for a non-slip effect.

Picture yourself hosting brunches with friends, enjoying relaxed lunches, or celebrating festive dinners with these beautiful plates. Crafted from high-quality Premium ceramic, they are not only visually stunning but also practical – dishwasher and microwave safe for your convenience.

Elevate your dining table with these exceptionally stylish Floral Ceramic Dinner Plates. Add them to your collection today and bring a touch of sophistication and charm to every meal.

Material: Ceramic
Pattern: Floral
Size: 10 inches
Types of: Flat plate