Nordic Corrugated Design Coffee Mug

Dark Blue

Elevate your coffee ritual with our Nordic Corrugated Design Coffee Mug – a fusion of minimalism and functionality. ☕✨

Crafted with a keen eye for design, this mug is a testament to the beauty of simplicity. Its corrugated texture not only adds a tactile dimension to your sipping experience but also makes it a stylish statement piece in your kitchen.

The playful pop of color on the handle adds a touch of personality to this Nordic-inspired creation. Whether you're enjoying your morning brew solo or stacking these mugs with friends, they create a captivating display that embodies modern aesthetics.

Ideal for those who value both form and function, this coffee mug makes a thoughtful gift for loved ones. It's not just a vessel for your favorite beverage; it's an embodiment of artistry and practicality.

Join the minimalist movement and enhance your coffee moments with our Nordic Corrugated Design Coffee Mug. Order now and experience the perfect blend of style and substance in every sip.

Material: Ceramic
Capacity: small - 201ml (included) - large -300ml (included)

Diameter Height
inch cm inch cm
260ml 3.2 8.2 2.8 7.2