Contrasting Color Glass Tea Set

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Discover the elegance and functionality of our Contrasting Color Glass Tea Set. This creative and beautifully designed tea set is perfect for any tea enthusiast who appreciates both style and practicality.

The set features a striking contrasting color scheme, adding a touch of artistic flair to your tea experience.  Made from original color lead-free, heat-resistant glass, this tea set is safe for direct heating on electric ceramic stoves or gas stoves. 

The glass does not fade or release harmful substances at high temperatures or with acidic drinks, ensuring your health and safety. 

The set includes a small teapot with a built-in filter, perfect for making your favorite tea blends and ensuring a smooth drinking experience.

Ideal for everyday use in your household, this tea set is not just decorative but highly functional.

To maintain the quality and cleanliness of the tea set, clean any stains inside after use and avoid using wire balls or sharp objects for cleaning to prevent scratching. Ensure the set is kept dry and out of reach of children.

Enhance your tea-making and drinking experience with our Contrasting Color Glass Tea Set. It's a perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality, suitable for any modern home. Order now and indulge in the art of tea in style and safety!


Material: glass

Size :
Teapot : 400ml (120mmx125mm)
Teacup : 80ml (65mmx35mm)