Levitating Water Lamp

The fountain lamp creates an anti-gravity optical illusion that the water droplets will rise, not levitate. The levitating display is visually stunning and provides the ultimate sensory experience. It has a magnetic hourglass that can be removed and copper components for further durability.
This anti-gravity hourglass used basic science physics principles to generate the optical illusion that water drops are moving upward. The water does not levitate when placed in a dim setting. Because of the frequency with which the light flashes, it appears levitating. This beautiful water fountain adds a tactile and interactive element to any surface.

Material: PVC
Newest Model: No have the glass covers.
Magic: floating downwards
Low Noise: only 20-35 dB
Purifying Air: purifying the indoor air
Feature 1: Anti Gravity
Feature 2: Levitating Water Drops
Feature 3: Hourglass
Feature 4: Hydra Lamp
Size: 6.2 x 6.2 x 10.6 inch
Adapter input:110-240V
Output:12 VDC